Rent The CruBox Bag

Rent The CruBox Bag

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Boxing Gloves

*Once payment has been made, please note that your next charge date will be moved to a month after your delivery date.

Renting a CruBox Bag includes:

  • A CruBox Bag
  • Complimentary hand wraps for keeps
  • Complimentary weights, gloves, bag stand and sandbag rental
  • Local Delivery & Set-up
  • Rental Kit

Rental Kit includes:

  • Unlimited CRU TV subscription during rental period
  • Local Delivery and Pick-Up: $100
  • Security Deposit : $400 (returned within 7 days after rental period)

CruBox Boxing Bag

  • 120 pounds, 60 kilograms.
  • Item includes the boxing bag only.
  • 100% custom-made in the USA.
  • Professionally stuffed with a high-density shredded material. Manufactured with long lasting shell and lining, triple stitched and have built in straps.
  • Designed for gym use. Recommended for boxing, MMA, or any martial arts related sport.

Boxing Bag Specs

  • 115cm Height
  • 37cm Wide
  • 108cm Circumference

Boxing Stand Specs

  • Height: 2m

Please note:

  • Breakdown: $480 SGD bag rental, $400 SGD refundable security deposit, $100 delivery and pick-up.
  • Payment of $980 SGD will be made on this website. This includes the $400 SGD security deposit.
  • Security deposit is needed to confirm your rental purchase for delivery.
  • The $400 SGD refundable security deposit will be refunded to you once the bag has been returned to us in its original working condition with no defects within 7 working days.
  • Once payment has been made, please note that your next charge date will be moved to a month after your delivery date.
  • All bag deliveries are made within a week from date of purchase.
  • Please avoid placing your bag outdoors or in areas where they could potentially be exposed to elements that may cause rust or corrosion. Any damage to the rental equipment may result in a forfeit of your deposit.
  • If faults/defects have been discovered upon the return of bag, CRU reserves the right to not refund the security deposit. This is subjected to a case by case basis.
  • For all international shipping enquiries, scan the QR code below to enquire or email before purchasing.
  • Our delivery team will be contacting you regarding the delivery of the bag upon order confirmation.

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