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The Wolfpack by CRU

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If you believe that seasoned bags make for better punches... the Refurbished CruBox Bag is for you!

Purchasing a Refurbished CruBox Boxing Bag includes:

  • A bag stand and sandbags worth $200
  • A 6-month CRU TV access

CruBox Boxing Bag

  • 120 pounds, 60 kilograms.
  • Item includes the boxing bag only.
  • 100% custom-made in the USA.
  • Professionally stuffed with a high-density shredded material. Manufactured with long lasting shell and lining, triple stitched and have built in straps.
  • Designed for gym use. Recommended for boxing, MMA, or any martial arts related sport.

Boxing Bag Specs

  • 115cm Height
  • 37cm Wide
  • 108cm Circumference

Boxing Stand Specs

  • Height: 2m

Please note:

  • All boxing bag deliveries are made within a week from date of purchase. 
  • For international shipping enquiries, scan the QR code below to enquire or email before purchasing.
  • Our delivery team will contact you regarding the delivery of the boxing bag upon order confirmation.